Primary Care Network Durham (formerly Physician Association)

The Primary Care Network Durham establishes a unified voice for primary care physicians with patients who receive care in Durham Region and allows members to elect or appoint individuals to represent them on Ontario Health Team (OHT) Governance Committees/Boards.

The purpose is to:

  • Co-design and implement integrated models of care with other Durham Ontario Health Team partners
  • Promote and ensure physician leadership and decision-making within the Durham Ontario Health Team
  • Create a forum for addressing clinical and policy issues relevant to their local community
All primary care providers are welcome to join! 

Join the Primary Care Network Durham by completing the form below. 

By typing your name above, you agree to become a member of the Primary Care Network Durham – the unified voice for primary care providers in Durham Region.  Signing this form does not create any binding legal obligations or commitments to the Durham OHT, it simply acknowledges your membership to the Primary Care Network Durham.

Together, we can advocate as one voice for appropriate support and funding for primary care in Durham Region, as it reshapes the delivery of health care for our patients.