Primary Care Network Durham

Primary Care Network (PCN) Durham is a collaborative, regional effort to familiarize general practitioners and nurse practitioners from and around Durham region to their local medical colleagues. As our regions continue to move toward an integrative care approach, it is important the provider-patient relationship grows with it. Family physicians and nurse practitioners are often the first point of contact patients and caregivers. The PCN Durham team wants to share local health resources to increase our regional health system literacy. Aligned with the Durham OHT vision, primary care can effectively move towards an integrative care model for our patients. 

Regional OHT Communications

Primary Care Network Durham and Durham Ontario Health Team are proud to be the innovators for Virtual Urgent Care in Durham Region and have transitioned to be the Virtual Urgent Care for the Central East Region in Ontario.  

The East Region Virtual Clinic  

Primary Care Provider during a patient visit.    

Durham OHT Physician Association

The Association establishes a unified voice for primary care physicians with patients who receive care in Durham Region and allows members to elect or appoint individuals to represent them on Ontario Health Team (OHT) Governance Committees/Boards.

The purpose of the Association is to:

  • Co-design and implement integrated models of care with other Durham Ontario Health Team partners
  • Promote and ensure physician leadership and decision-making within the Durham Ontario Health Team
  • Create a forum for addressing clinical and policy issues relevant to their local community

The Physician Association Agreement lays out some ground rules for how the group will function.  By signing, you acknowledge that you want to join and that you agree with the rules of operation for the group.

Signing the Physician Association Agreement means that you will have a voice in the decision-making process and an arm to regional communications.

For more information, please visit:  Why Sign an OHT Physician Association Agreement? (

To become a member of the Association, please click on the link below.

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